Five Colours from South East Asia : Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand

Why five colours : blue, green, yellow, white, and red? Well, recently I noticed the Capture the Colour photo competition run by The competition is to choose five original shots from your travel experiences, and each shot representing the colors : blue, green, yellow, white and red. Visit Capture the Colour for more information on how to participate.

Blue : Kawah Putih, Indonesia

Crater at the top of the Patuha Mountain, West Java

According to the history of 10th-century Mount Patuha had erupted, and after that formed a crater at the top of the mountain. It has such a beautiful scene of a large lake with blue warm water which spouted lava and the smell of sulfur. I love the scenery here, unfortunately we cannot stayed too long here because of the sulfur gas evaporated from the water. So, I think it was such a dangerous but also a beautiful place. Tempting, right?

Green : Ciwidey Tea Plantation, Indonesia

Tea Plantation surrounding the Situ Patengan Lake, West Java

Ever wondered, when you were sipping a cup tea, where does it come from? Maybe from England? India? Or…Indonesia? Yes, maybe your tea (yes, that you are sipping right now :D) come from Indonesia. Here in West Java, they produce enormous amount of tea. And also give us the beautiful scenery and landscape. This tea plantation is surrounding the Situ Patengan Lake, which is famous for its Batu Cinta or Love Stone. Many people came to visit Situ Patengan Lake, believed the myth that by visiting Love Stone, they will have a good love life. Well, believe it? Or not? 🙂

Yellow : Wat Khao Rang, Thailand

Amazing golden colour of Wat Khao Rang

Wat Khao Rang in Khao Rang Hill, Phuket Town, maybe not as famous as Wat Cha Long, but, this hidden temple has the oldest Sitting Buddha statue in Phuket. The temple itself is very colourful, with lots of monks and Gods statue. Maybe Thailand is one of the most colourful country in South East Asia, regarding to its massive variants of temples, food, and landscape. This Land of Smiles has totally had my heart.

White : Hat Yai Station, Thailand

Hat Yai Station : Gate to Phuket Paradise

I arrived at this Station after 13 hours slept in the train from Kuala Lumpur. Can’t describe anything but relieved. And excited. This city maybe not as famous as Phuket or Bangkok, but Hat Yai has its own role as a border within Malaysia and Thailand. And famous amongst backpackers, with its Station, which is, A Gate to Phuket Paradise.

Red : Alor Street, Malaysia

Care to eat in Chinese way? Pork is all the way…

Jalan Alor or Alor Street is my favourite place in Kuala Lumpur. Food was great. When I think about Chinese food, it always pork. And how to enjoy pork in its best way? Eating outside, near the street, sitting in circle, chatting, and laughing. Chinese Way. (also posted in Turnamen Foto Perjalanan : Kota)

And now here are my five nominees:

Dina from DuaRansel
Mac from ILikePhoto…!
Olivia from ABigLife
Ryan from ThePerpetualVagabond
Takdos from WhateverBackpacker

Good luck to all!

~happy travelling, happy life~


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