Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea

picture taken at Gosong Seloka Island, Karimunjawa, Indonesia

Since I was a kid, sea is always been a mystery for me. What lies beneath the ocean? I always wondered back then. Sometimes my mind full of many thought of magical, weird, both colourful and dark creatures of the sea. I thought about beautiful mermaids, blue whales, Neptune’s kingdom, electric eels, baby shells, even talking-clownfishes. Since me and my parents lived downhill near the mountain, almost in every holiday they would took me to the beach, to experience another kind of world that Mother Nature has given to us. Paradise with thick black or powdery white sands, bright and hot sun, cold frothy blue water played with my feet, left a big smile at my clumsy kid-face. Sometimes left not only a smile, but also a painful red sunburn and black-browned skin. Still, what beneath the ocean remained a mystery…

then I grew up.

I forgot many things that I used to think when I was a kid, but not my curiosity for the ocean.

The mystery finally revealed half and a year ago, when I had my first snorkeling experience at PhiPhi Island, Thailand. Finally, I knew what lies beneath the mysterious thick blue water. My heart was pounding so fast that I could heard them in my ears. I gasped when I saw numerous corals that have size as big as a car. I couldn’t help myself to not smile when groups of fishes came and passed me by. I was fascinated with the variety of hard and soft corals, some looks like a brain, some like a table, and some like fingers. And the colour! I hardly believe that under this flat blue water, there are so many colourful corals and fishes. So many beautiful living creatures, so many too see, and so many things to be grateful for.

Since then, I fell in love with ocean. I feel “home”.

Home, where I should always go back to. (and I do)

Home, where my heart is.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea


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