Sad Story from Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Pandawa Beach, Bali, Indonesia

No, this post is not the story about how beautiful Pandawa Beach is. Instead, this is a sad story…

Last month me and my sister visited Pandawa Beach, Bali. White sands stretched along the beach, clear blue sea water, atop us is clear blue sky and hot bright sun that burned my skin. It supposed to be a peace, calm, and nice usual day on the beach, accompanied with the soft sound from the waves crushed far from the shore. I sat on the warm sands, I can feel my toes tingled when it touched the cold crystal clear water below my feet. In front of us a little local boy, maybe around 8 or 9 years old, swam freely, with a google mask on his eyes and styrofoam tied with a plastic rope to his leg, kept him floated. He wore only a green short, looked too big for his thin body, but matched nicely with his brown coloured skin. We chatted a little with the little boy. He told us that he searched for little fishes. He laughed a lot. I like his smile. As I sat there, I watched him swam and did some “attractions”. He tried to surf using his styrofoam, but he fell and fell again, failed to maintain the balance of his body. That was funny though. I laughed several times, and he laughed back. That short moment felt nice and fun…

until I stood up, decided to leave the beach…Suddenly the boy waved his hand, tipped his fingers and made a gesture that means asking for money. I was surprised, but tried to ignore the gesture, smiled, and said goodbye instead. When I  turned my back, a loud-shouting-voice from this little boy reached my ears…

“Hey you crazy women, why you don’t give me money!”

I was stunned.

This little boy with that innocent face…why he said such a thing? Did he learned that from his parents? Friends? Did he learned that from the tourists? Why he expected some money from us? Did he usually received money from tourists? Why he has such a behaviour? Will this behaviour stayed until he become an adult? Is this one of a result from mass tourism?

It just sad…


17 thoughts on “Sad Story from Pandawa Beach

  1. Kok bisa sampai segitu nya, gw beberapa kali kesana damai2 aja. Nongkrong di warung trus ngobrol ama penjual nya + beberapa bule.

    Anak2 nya malah ngak ada lho, lokal jarang berkeliaran disana

  2. Masak sih, mbak? Saya sering ke sini (krn rumah memang di Nusa Dua, bkn karena kelebihan duit. hehehe) tp gak pernah tuh ketemu anak-anak yang minta-minta duit.
    Tp emang bener. Pandawa skrg rame banget. Mungkin stlh banyak yg ngeliput di TV, jd makin terkenal skrg.

  3. singgah disini! 🙂
    waaah. kyknya ga di bali doang deh mbak.
    waktu itu saya di kampung pampang di samarinda juga dipalak 600 ribu gara-gara ngambil foto.

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