Best Travel Moments in 2013 and Why I Want to Travel More

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Approaching the end of 2013, it’s time to reflect and make resolution for new year ahead. Maybe sounds cliché…make resolutions for new year and maybe some people will forget theirs soon after the trumpet blown and fireworks blasted. But I am not that type of person. Every year I usually make big goals to be reached and usually I work hard to accomplish them. Last year it was Thailand which gave me the travelbug. Trip to Thailand opened my eyes and reminded me of my other passion (besides Medicine), is to travel.

Since I was a kid I want to travel the world (well, who doesn’t?). Me and my family travelled a lot, although only domestically, but they always encouraged me to see the world, gather experiences, and taste everything new. The most important thing they taught me is to pursue my passion, no matter what it is.

I grew up with the passion to see the world, then, I fell in love with Human Medicine. When I entered my Medicine study, I don’t want to forget my travel passion, so I sticked a World Map on my bedroom wall. My very bestfriend who know me very very well always sent me birthday card with text : “Hope your wishes to travel the world will come true”.

This year, I learned and experienced a lot, and here I write some of my best travel moments, because some memories are just too precious to be forgotten and worth to be written (typed?) down so it will last, hopefully, forever.

#Unforgettable View

It was a scenic view of rice fields, long and thick bamboo forest, surrounded by green hills, blue mountains and clear blue sky which took my heart away. A road to Batutumonga peak in Tana Toraja, the Land of the Dead located in South Sulawesi. The road is long and bumpy, but sitting on the motorbike for almost two hours with aching pain on your butt is nothing compared with the price…

Batutumonga Tanah Toraja South Sulawesi

#Unforgettable Experience

To sat inside a bamboo hut, ate pa’piong (traditional Torajan food, pork with spices cooked inside a bamboo), under the hut was living pigs walked around, waited to be slaughtered, meanwhile in front of me was living and anxious buffalos, stood there watching their friend’s bodies laid on the ground, cut and left only head and horns… Next to me was another huts, full with people in black clothing, the relatives of the man who died a year ago, mummified and kept in home until the family ready to held the Torajan Funeral Ceremony, and buried (or put inside the stone grave) after then.

Torajan Funeral Ceremony South Sulawesi

#Unforgettable Fun

Transformers The Ride, USS. Hell yeah it’s good to be kids again! To enjoy the ride, experienced those visual high-tech and felt as it were real, screamed, laughed, and tensed at the same time. Funny was, even on that moment, for a short second, I felt a serene and grateful feeling. A kind of feeling that I want to smile as wide as possible and say “oh thank you God for let me live and experience this fun”. Absurd maybe, but it happened to me. Or maybe it just the endorphine. 😀

Transformer the Ride USS

#Unforgettable Challenge

You haven’t go to Ubud if you haven’t visit Tegalalang. Okay so I took the challenge (actually challenge myself), to bike to Tegalalang. Tegalalang rice fields is maybe one of the  most scenic beauty of Ubud, but it was not the yellow rice fields, nor the smile of the local female farmers which made it unforgettable, but the feeling from a accomplished mission. It was the sweat under the heat, the tiring muscle, the grunting and the self-motivatalk during the journey that made it unforgettable. How I smiled (and relieved) when I finally reached Tegalalang, how I beat the challenge, and how I survived from 10 km biking through some steep hills. It was the survival that made it unforgettable.

biking ubud tegalalang

#Unforgettable Sunrise

Sanur Beach, Bali, the first time I finally made an effort to woke up early to saw the sunrise. I am not a morning person, and after several times I failed, now I know that only persistence can beat laziness. Why choose to snooze if you can experience a view like this?

Sunrise Sanur Beach Bali

#Unforgettable Near Death Experience Feeling

I didn’t realize that I have Fear of Heights before. I am not afraid when I have to ride a roller coaster. Well, I am afraid a bit when I stand in high building. I freaked a little when I use a very very high escalator (like those in some of Singapore malls). I freaked a lot when I have to walked through an old wooden bridge that cross a big river at Maribaya Waterfalls. But I became crazier when I walked through the OCBC Skyway at Garden By The Bay, Singapore. Hell, it is 22-metres high from the ground, with the 128-metres steel-net floor and big wind blew from side to side, I was lucky my heart didn’t stop beating! Will.Not.Do.This.Again.(But.Happy.To.Did.That.Though)

Garden By The Bay OCBC Skyway Singapore

#Unforgettable Overland Journey

I love overland journey! It’s hard to choose between 8-hours journey sat inside the night bus from Makassar to Tana Toraja, full moon outside, mountains, hills, and Gunung Nona view in the midnight, chatted randomly with my travelmate and also one of my bestfriend, no luxurious or fake smile service nor comfortable seat, but I felt so peaceful and comfortable with myself, or 9-hours comfortable night bus ride with massage chair from Johor Baru to Penang, when I awaken by a glimpse of light from the morning sunrise and the beautiful view from Penang Bridge was the first thing I saw. Hmm…I choose both.

Penang Bridge Malaysia

#Unforgettable Food

Despite a lot of arguments toward which is the best Babi Guling or Suckling Pig in Bali, I choose Babi Guling Ibu Oka as the best for my tongue and tummy. A bit pricey, yes, but it worth the size, taste, and experience. I still dream the taste of crispyness and the thick fat under the fried pork skin. Damn, why now I feel like Hannibal? Read the full review and story about Babi Guling Ibu Oka here.

babi guling ibu oka ubud bali

#Unforgettable Drink

Black and strong Toraja Coffee. A sip of this thick black coffee is one of my favourite way to start a day.

toraja coffee

So, why travel? Because I want to collect memories and experiences, not things.

“See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security” – Ray Bradbury

Babi Guling Ibu Oka at Ubud : God bless her!

Untuk penikmat masakan babi, tentu sudah familiar dengan masakan satu ini : Babi Guling. Beruntungnya gw, saat mengunjungi Ubud beberapa minggu yang lalu, gw sempat mencicipi masakan Babi Guling yang tersohor di Ubud, apalagi kalau bukan Babi Guling Ibu Oka. Lokasinya di Jalan Suweta, Cuma beberapa meter dari Puri Saren Ubud (Ubud Palace) dan Pasar Seni Ubud, nggak susah menemukannya, secara ada plang nya dan di depannya rame banget, mostly sih turis luar ya. Katanya sih pernah muncul di acaranya Anthony Bourdain  juga. Tiap browsing tentang makanan di Ubud, pasti deh nama Ibu Oka ini disebut. So, sebagai pork-lover, wajib hukumnya gw mencicipi Babi Guling Ibu Oka ini. Hehe..

Berbekal petunjuk jalan dari penduduk sekitar, gw sampai juga ke Warung Babi Guling ini. Waktu itu baru jam 11 siang, tapi tempat ini udah kayak pasar saking penuhnya. Gw memarkir sepeda gw di depan warung, langsung mencari tempat duduk di dalam, yang bentuknya lesehan gitu, dengan meja yang panjang-panjang. Luckily, gw dapet tempat duduk di pojok. Itu pun dempet-dempetan, kanan turis bule, kiri turis Asia. Seneng-seneng aja gw-nya mah, suasananya seru sih, hahaha…

Nggak pake lama, gw pesen Nasi Babi Guling Komplit dan Es Kelapa Muda. Harganya agak keterlaluan juga sih, tapi maklum deh karena udah terkenal kali ya…Nggak pake lama juga, muncul lah itu si Nasi Babi Guling, lengkap dengan Sup Babi dan Es Kelapa Mudanya. Gw rada cengo juga liat porsinya yang gede banget. Pengalaman makan Nasi Babi Guling di Seminyak, porsinya nggak nyampe setengahnya ini. Bahagialah gw yang lagi keroncongan berat saat itu 😀

Beginilah penampakan Nasi Babi Guling Ibu Oka :

Membayangkannya aja udah bikin gw ngiler!!

Membayangkannya aja udah bikin gw ngiler!!

Dan…harus gw akui, rasanya emang juara! Dagingnya empuk banget, rasa bumbunya kuat, pedas,  dan rich banget, bener-bener meleleh di mulut dah. Belum lagi bagian babi goreng crispynya yang pedas, wow, itu bener-bener bikin gw makan so…….slowly. I really want to stop the time and cherish the flavour. Well, I really ate very slowly at that time. Rasanya terlalu sayang makanan seenak itu habis cepat-cepat! Dan kulit babinya! Di bawah kulitnya yang garing crispy itu ada lapisan lemak babi yang…aduhai…nggak bisa dijelaskan dengan kata-kata. Beuh cuma nulis gini doang gw udah menelan air ludah *gulp*. Itu salah satu dari pengalaman kuliner babi yang paling memuaskan buat gw. Bahkan gw makan sambil tersenyum dan nggak berhenti bersyukur, sambil mengumpat karena keenakan, sambil berdoa “God bless Ibu Oka”. 😀

That’s a kind of food that surely I want to eat again if I have a chance. Amazing experience.

Alamat              : Jalan Suweta No 2, Ubud

Total Cost        : Nasi Babi Guling Spesial : 50rb + Es Kelapa Muda Utuh : 20rb.

Mau tau resep Babi Guling? Bisa buka link ini.

Happy travelling, happy eating, happy life! ^^ 

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