My Dream.

My ultimate dream is to travel the world. And not by group tour. But to live in several different places for quite a long time. To know new cultures. To blend with them. Maybe some couple months in Siberia, then China, then Italy, and so on. I want my life to be a long life learning. And everyday is a chance to learning something new. Everyday is different and full of mystery.

I want my life unexpected. I want my life full of knowledge and adventures. I want to cross the Great Wall, climb (if it possible) Grand Canyon, take a visit to Niagara Falls, swimming with Whale Sharks. I want my life to full of possibilities. And flexibility. I don’t want to stick in the office for eight hours a day, doing paperwork and the only view I can see is skyscrapers and missed the sunset, stuck at the traffic instead. I want my life to be free. Free to choose and free to do what I want to do. Even if maybe it is a stupid thing or false thing to do, i want to do it anyway, because nothing is truly right or wrong, it’s only merely a new experience to learn and live with.

I want to see a lot and experience a lot, not only read it from books or watch it from TV. I want to see the real view of nature, of animals, of traditional cultures, taste real foreign food, swim in the real sea or lake or lagoon, fly in the real hot balloon air. I want to meet real foreigners and talk to them, if possible, learn their languages, and exchange knowledge as much as possible. I want to live my life like that. I want to be that kind of person.

So, where should I start?

-random writing in the middle of the night-