My New Workplace : Aru Islands


Lorang village, Aru Islands, Moluccas, Indonesia

It’s been a long time I haven’t been updating my blog, and this is why : currently I’m working at Aru Islands, Kepulauan Aru, located at the southeastern part of Indonesia, part of the famous Moluccas. Aru Islands is not really popular among Indonesian. To be honest, I knew about Aru Islands only about several months before I started working here. I work as a medical doctor at Lorang Village, a remote village in the middle of Aru Islands where there is no electricity, no phone signal, and no clean water available. At the village live about 280 indigenous people, mostly fisherman, farmer and hunter.

Lorang is really a beautiful place to live. Surrounded by Mangrove Forests and deep blue sea, under clear blue sky and starry nights…with no electricity and noise pollution, it’s only me and the sound of nature. Birds chirping, bugs singing and frogs shouting all day long. The village is famous for its mangrove crabs with enormous size, invariable species of cuckatoos, and, the Bird of Paradise, or “Cendrawasih” in our language.

Everyday is a whole new experiences. I ate a different kind of fishes, crabs, oysters, deer, even boar. I experience new cultures, how Mollucan people live, how they talk, how they laugh, how they dance and party, how and what they think about life and love. And this is how I will continue to live for the next one and a half year. ๐Ÿ™‚