Indonesia in Five Colours

Capture the Colour photo blogging competition by is back! Again, the competition is to choose five original shots from your travel experiences, and each shot representing the colors : blue, green, yellow, white and red. Last year I also participated in this photo blogging challenge and it’s been really fun! So of course  I want to participate again this year. This time I will share five colours that represent my home country, Indonesia.

Blue : Amirul Mukminin Floating Mosque, Makassar, South Sulawesi

The tranquil Amirul Mukminin, the first floating Mosque in Indonesia

The tranquil Amirul Mukminin, the first floating Mosque in Indonesia

Built in 2009, the first floating Mosque in Indonesia, Amirul Mukminin Mosque, has been a highlight to many visitors who comes to Makassar, South Sulawesi. Located at Losari Beach, only few meters from the Fort Rotterdam and La Galigo Museum, this Mosque offers charming and tranquil beauty of its own. The picturesque blue sky as a background and sea below, matched with the ornamental light blue dome, this mosque has attracted a lot of photographers to capture the magnificent scene. Amirul Mukminin Mosque also named 99 Al Makazzary Mosque, that name symbolized one of the High Priest of Masjidil Haram, Syech Yusuf.

White : Hanoman, The King of Monkey, at Kecak Dance, Uluwatu, Bali

Hanoman, the King of Monkey in Ramayana epic

Hanoman, the King of Monkey in Ramayana epic

Hanoman, considered as the central character in Ramayana epic, which he participated in the war between Rama and the demon king Rahwana to rescue Rama’s wife, Shinta. The story has been passed from generation to generation and being as old as the Hindu itself. Now Ramayana story is commonly played in Kecak Dance, Bali. Kecak Dance, which is well-known for its mystical sense, since there’s no music played but instead use the rhytmic sound “cak-cak-cak” sung by dozens male dancers. Hanoman himself played an essential character, like a real monkey, which is fast-moving, intelligent, playful but also humble and fearless. Watching Kecak Dance itself at Pura Uluwatu, with colorful Balinese dancer wearing colorful dancing costumes, the humming sound of “cak-cak-cak”, clear blue sky above, and accompanied by the light of golden sunset, is one of the unforgettable experience in life.

Green : One Day at Rantepao, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi

A mosque in the middle of Land of Thousand Churches, Tana Toraja

A mosque in the middle of Land of Thousand Churches, Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is a region in the highland of South Sulawesi, also called “Land of The Dead” and “Land of Thousand Churches”. The first name is given because of the famous ritual of Torajan Funeral Ceremony, “Rambu Solok”, where they held a big feast to celebrate the death, include sacrifice dozens of buffalos and hundreds of pigs, also the tradition to “keep” the dead one mummified from days to years inside the house called “tongkonan” before the feast is held. The last is called because of the massive numbers of churches built in Tana Toraja, since most of the people are Christians. But in the middle of my random-walking through Rantepao, the capital city of Tana Toraja, I found this mosque, covered with beautiful green-coloured-dome, can’t be more serene and free as it seem. The beauty of diversity. (Also seen at Turnamen Foto Perjalanan)

Red : Toraja Traditional Woven Cloth, Sa’dan Village, North Toraja

Natural-dyed traditional cloth, handmade by women in Sa'dan Village, North Toraja

Natural-dyed traditional cloth, handmade by women in Sa’dan Village, North Toraja

This traditional cloth made by handmade-yarn from cotton that grew in local garden at Sa’dan Village, North Toraja. When I was stumbled upon this colorful clothes and motives, I hardly believe that all of this made and colored by natural sources, with only hand and weaving tools, but the fact is, it’s true. Nowadays, only small amount of women do weaving in Sa’dan Village. With the coming of massive industrialization, traditional woven fabric become threatened and leading to its extinction. Only one 83-years old lady left that still do the traditional yarn-spinning. Whereas, Torajan traditional woven fabric is considered as a high value art that should be well-preserved. The question is : Would we?

Yellow : Welcoming a New Day at Sanur, Bali

Sunrise at Sanur Beach, Bali

Sunrise at Sanur Beach, Bali

A new day, a new beginning. As the yellow flag waved freely in the middle of tranquil morning at Sanur Beach, a new excitement inside me began to rise. New day! New hope! New spirit! As the gentle wind stroked my hair, then a new me was born again. Nothing can compared the serenity of a calm sunrise in the morning, moreover the sunrise in Sanur Beach, which is considered as the most hunted place to welcoming the born of the sun once again. Boats waited to be sailed once again. Women awaked to pray and give offering to Gods once again. Children opened their black-browned eyes like a new baby born. Yellow flag waved…

And now here are my five nominees :

1. Danan Wahyu from Danan Wahyu Sumirat

2. Wira from Wira Nurmansyah

3. Halim from Jejak Bocah Ilang

4. Angga from Catatan Ransel

5. Efenerr from Efenerr

Good luck to all! ^^

~happy traveling, happy life~

Weekly Photo Challenge : One Shot, Two Ways

This cloudy sunrise taken from Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia. Sanur Beach located in southeastern side of Bali, considered as the best place to enjoy the beauty of sunrise. On this Weekly Photo Challenge by DailyPost, I’ve read interesting post about how to decide which is the best approach to capture a scene : portrait? Or landscape?

When I was stumbled upon this magnificent color of sunrise, I decided to take two scenes. First, the closer look of the sun, gave me the strong or more “yang” energy. But at the second shot, when I saw the bigger picture, it gave me the calm or more “yin” energy. Suddenly, a line of poem by J.W Goethe appeared in my mind…”das Nähe wird weit”, means “the near is getting far”. Was heute sehr wichtig ist, kann morgen unwichtig sein. Same scene, different shots, different perspectives.

So…portrait? Or landscape?

Weekly Photo Challenge : One Shot, Two Ways